For All Intents And Purposes

Been searching for something greater than myself all my life. So I confided in humanity, but that was a grave mistake, just misplaced trust in evil. So I trusted the universe, it's patterns and plans. Well that turned out to be just an experiment in futility, meandering along with no purpose, with a scale so... Continue Reading →


Prisoner To Product

I do not have their best interests at heart, neither do I yours or my own. If I did, this would be a narrative of love and hope, or a narrative that would let you revel in the matrix. And I wouldn't be the messenger of everything bleak, killing your dreams of buying happiness from... Continue Reading →

Distinct Footprints

Maybe we can't function anywhere but here. Maybe we should just cruise along, playing the fool. Maybe hell ain’t a bad place to be, if it exists at all. Maybe being dismissive to yourself seems less pathetic than being a coward who doesn't want to partake in your own life. Welcome to the place where... Continue Reading →


Here we all are at the edge of this very moment, so desperate to feel something, anything at all, that we romanticize everyone and everything around us. Falling into each other and obsessing about the past, to avoid looking into ourselves, as we fall off the edge of this very moment, onto the edge of... Continue Reading →

Universe Is Ours To Unravel

Is the ethical deficit we face a product of choice or chance? Is this raging resentment a product of what we have chosen or mere circumstance? Waging wars over delusional diversity, on the brothers of our own species. Biting the hand of the very same Mother Earth, that feeds. Are these destructive tendencies just side... Continue Reading →

Static Boredom

The world isn’t remotely as amusing or interesting a place as we make it out to be in our heads. Everyday is filled with major repetitions of yesterday. The sun shone again on nothing new, waking up everyone who dreamed for a day of minimal resistance. Yet I awoke wishing for the world to tear... Continue Reading →

Wondering Is All I Do

Left following myself, just a few seconds behind. Spent my whole life chasing, just to let go when I get ahead. My will, my purpose, plundered and perjured by the driver of my reality. And as I catch up, with the occurrence of reality, travelling at the speed of actuality, yet shackled to the anchor... Continue Reading →

Nothing Remains

I've been disintegrating for so long, when I finally caught myself, there was not much left. Barely survived the toll I took on myself. Weighed down by the search for purpose, that was as futile as you guessed. Waking up to the rumbles of the world, parched and heaving because your dreams seem more significant... Continue Reading →

Surface Comfort

I'm no good person, I'm just a good imitator of one. You overestimate my need to play within the rules. You underestimate my compulsion to lie to myself and destroy. I’m broken, but sewn together. I’m no angel, but I see the demons that rule and force you to cave. It's hard to keep track... Continue Reading →

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